The Manual Food Chopper

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There are many great machines and gadgets on the market that you can use to chop, stir, puree, and otherwise get your foods down to the size or consistency that you want. The problem with some of them is that you may not want to dirty something that takes ten minutes to clean when you just want a handful of chopped peanuts. No matter what you have in your home, you can always use a manual food chopper to make your life a little simpler when you want something chopped, but don’t feel like putting together the food processor.


A manual food chopper is superior to the food processor that you have to put together and plug in when you want something small done. It can take a person five minutes to put such a thing together, and then fifteen minutes to clean it up and put it away when done. If you use the hand food chopper, you can simply get it out in thirty seconds, do what you have to do, and then wash it within minutes. That saves you a ton of time. If you have a lot of chopping and slicing to do, your processor is still the answer, but many times it is just too much work for something simple.


You can chop eggs with a knife and a cutting board. This requires you to get out the board, find a knife, and then clean both when you are done. Even then, your eggs may be chopped oddly and you may even cut your finger. Eggs are oval, slippery, and tricky. Instead, the manual food chopper can easily chop that egg for you in seconds, and cleans up just as fast. If you want to make egg salad, you can chop other ingredients with the same ease and most people find these chops are more even and the ingredients are already mixed when they use the manual food chopper.

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If space is a concern for you, you will find that the manual food chopper is small, compact, easy to move around, and takes up such a small space that adding one to your kitchen does not mean clearing more space on your counter tops or making room in cupboards. They are often no bigger than a large drinking glass or tall coffee mug. Most have a cap that goes over them so that when you chop, you don’t have to make room for a chopping block either. It’s small, compact, and convenient all the way around.


Make sure you buy a model of manual food chopper that comes clean easily. Some open up so that you can clean them and some require you to dig around to try to get all the food off of the blades. When you have something this convenient, you want the cleaning to be just as easy and safe as well, or you have negated all the benefits of these cute little kitchen helpers. A stainless steel blade is a great idea too, so you don’t have to worry about hidden rust getting into your food.

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