Necessary Steps to take when you’re Online

Learn how to stay protected when you are online. Your PC can be infected by harmful objects when you are on the internet that can harm it. That is a fact. The reason antivirus software and other similar products were created is to protect your PC.

computer viruses photoIt is not your fault that you got viruses, however you should take the precaution methods to stop this from happening again.

Keep your PC Clean: It is important that your PC stays clean if you use the internet. Clean from the ‘bad, harmful objects’ that are also known as spyware, adware or viruses.

There are many different types of harmful objects, but luckily there exist also cure to keep your PC protected.

A must use Software: The two most important software you must have are an antivirus and an anti adware. There is no need to purchase 30 different kinds of anti spyware software…

However, you must choose two softwares which will protect your PC. These will work in the background automatically. Some anti adware products also heal spyware not just adware.

anti virus software photoSchedule Maintenance: The software will block spyware and adware but you should also use the software when you are offline. You should scan your PC using both softwares at least once every three weeks. That will clean any harmful objects. These objects can make a lot of harm to your PC.

Safety Measurements: We already mentioned that you need two softwares to keep ongoing protection on your PC. If you download software/movies/images/videos or any other thing from the internet it is recommended that you scan those items. Before opening them right click on them and use your antivirus to scan them.

Go to the Control Panel to turn on Firewall. Firewall is also an ongoing protection which is very important.

Once you have your software installed these will protect your PC and you get back the freedom you deserve. Remember that “prevention is better than cure”.


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