Very Quick and Easy Halloween Snacks

If you are having a Halloween party, or if you have to whip up something for your kids to take to school for the holiday, you may not have a lot of time to make something amazing. Don’t worry if you are not that skilled in the kitchen, you can still find easy Halloween snacks that you can make in a jiffy and that you can then send along with your kids, or display at your Halloween bash. Many of these are things that your kids can help you with, or that you can throw together at the last minute when something comes up and you have to make it and go.

halloween photoOne idea for easy Halloween snacks would be to make your own rice crispy treats. These are easy to make and you can do it with a bowl and a microwave. Once you have them done, you can then melt orange, black, and purple chocolates to drizzle over them. When you are done, you have an ordinary daily type of snack that has been turned into a Halloween treat. You can find chocolates in many colors that you can melt in the microwave. Do not worry. This treat is fast and easy, and children and adults alike love them.

You can also take a Halloween themed bowl and add candy in Halloween colors. This is something that anyone can do and they can do it quickly. See if you can find your favorite candies in Halloween colors or that come in Halloween themed packaging. Because this time of year is when companies go all out to sell as much candy as they can, this is the best time to find these things. You can also add plastic spiders and other items to the bowl for some variety, just make sure no one thinks that they are candy. M&Ms are great for this type of easy Halloween snacks, but you can use whatever you want.

You can buy a cake mix to make your own easy Halloween snacks if you don’t mind firing up the oven. You can mix the cake to make cupcakes. Once they are done baking, you can gouge out the cenhalloween snacks phototer and pop in a candy. There are great jelly-like eyeballs and worms that work great for this. You can then ice them with orange or black icing. No one will know what is in there until they bite into them. This is a great idea for kids as they will love the gooey and someone scary surprise inside a seemingly innocent looking cupcake.

Cookies can also be fun but easy Halloween snacks. You can get ready made dough and icing that you can put together quickly. You can buy decorations like sprinkles or Halloween style candies. You can decorate them on your own or you can have your children do it. This can also be a fun activity at a kid’s Halloween party. You can have them ice and decorate their own cookies and give out prizes for the scariest, most creative, prettiest, etc. Once they are done, they can then eat their own creation. Not only is that easy, it is a lot of fun as well.

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