Coupon Hunting

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There are more people who look for coupon deals today than ever before. It’s actually a statistical fact. About 25% more shoppers used coupons in 2010 than they did in 2009. Almost no one used coupons before then. In fact, no one can remember when the last time was that coupon use actually rose (it was actually two-year 1994) like it’s happening now. And it’s a great thing. Shoppers, with their one-dollar-a-box-of-cereal savings on every purchase, have racked up an impressive $3.5 billion in savings overall. It’s wonderful to be able to save that much for practically no effort. Hunting for coupon deals takes no more than perhaps a couple of minutes everyday. And it can actually end up saving you about 10% of your final grocery bill. What with online codes, smartphone apps for coupon hunters and other tricks of the trade, saving a few dollars off practically every kind of purchase, from groceries to computers, has become ridiculously easy. There’s just one little fly in the ointment – there are counterfeit coupons out there. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your coupon hunting time.

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Even with all the electronic alternatives there may be, newspaper coupons are still deeply popular. However, for a chance at the best and the most coupon deals out there, you need to know the right time to pick. Retailers and manufacturers always pick the first week of each month for the bulk of their coupon offers. Make sure you look through all the newspapers in the first week of each month for the best pickings. If you just can’t let it go without being told the reason why this is so, as usual, businesses have their reasons. The first week of each month is when everyone is likely to be flush with cash from being paid. They’ll be happy spending their money then; they like to give you a few coupons and to try to direct all that cash their way.


Safeway, Kroger and other supermarkets don’t give you paper coupons; if you apply for their store loyalty card, you can go on the Internet and get coupon deals digitally transferred to your card. You need to go to the shops’ own websites or you can go to a coupon website such as Shortcuts. Stores are beginning to realize that digital coupons are a lot more convenient than paper ones. They are bringing in new cash registers all over to better able to deal with these. But digital coupon deals aren’t just about store cards alone of course. There are all kinds of stores now that are going into scannable coupons for smart phones. All you need to do is to show the cashier a picture of your coupon on your smartphone screen and you will be on your way. Make sure that you visit coupon aggregation sites like CouponCabin for the best coupon deals.


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