Cake Recipes

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Sweets seem to be one special part of the Christmas holidays. Though many makes cookies and goodies in baskets to give out to friends, there is always room for pie and things like cakes for the holidays. You do not want to make the same old white or chocolate cake for Christmas though, you want to find some special cake recipes that go with not only the holidays but also with the cool weather and snow that comes with the holidays. You want more taste and more deeper notes when making cakes for parties and gatherings with family and friends to celebrate.


One great thing you can do is to try something that you have heard people talk about but have never tried yourself. These cake recipes are ones that most like even if you have never had them. One classic that you may not have tried would be red velvet cake. This cake is a deep red color but is not just like your ordinary cake you buy from a box. It is higher in calories, that is why it is usually a holiday treat. This cake is iced with a cream cheese frosting. It is not as sweet as traditional cake, but it’ll be worth the effort you put into making it. Once you have it, you will never forget it.


Spice cakes are also popular around the holidays because they are a little richer than cakes you have for every day desserts or for birthday parties. This cake is something you can buy out of a box and if you have little time, that might be the way to go. You can make them from scratch if you wish, but do it if you have some time to put into it. You should find spice cake recipes that offers a nice spicy balance but that is also rich and moist. You can find recommendations for icings that go with these cake recipes if you search around. A simple icing should be just fine.

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Carrot cake recipes can also be nice for the holidays. These are more common then the red velvet, of course, but are also about taste. Some people simply do not like carrot cake and some love it. This is one cake you might want to make as part of a duo so that people that love it can have it and also so those that do not like it or do not wish to try it have something else to have instead. You can find other cake recipes that are along the same lines as carrot cake if you wish something similar but are not wild about that particular cake flavor.
Some cake recipes are better than others no matter what type of cake you wish to make. You can buy cookbooks with great recipes in them, or you can look online. If you have a favorite chef on television, you can probably find some of their cake recipes online if you do a simple search with your favorite search engine. Save the ones that come out great for the next great gathering. The right cakes are requested time and time again.

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