Al Pacino: One of my Favorites

Born in the South Bronx, on April 25th, 1940, Al Pacino is widely considered to be one of the world’s greatest actors. Though he starred in many of the best films of the 70’s, he is probably most remembered for his role in The Godfather.

al pacino photoThough Pacino starred in so many great movies over the years, it is his role in the Brian De Palma film Scarface that boosted Al into my greatest actors list. I don’t think anyone who has ever seen the film will ever forget the shower scene, but it’s Pacino’s stellar performance as the obsessive gangster Tony Montana. Pacino keeps the character very taught and never seems fake or stereotypical, which, let’s face it, is challenging at least, when playing a super violent, drug crazed, power obsessed, Cuban drug czar.

Seeing this movie for the first time as a kid, I was blown away. An actor like Al Pacino can make a character like Tony Montana seem so darn glamorous, while keeping it down to earth enough to make it clear that there is really no merit to the criminal lifestyle, a concept, might I add that many movies in the same genre have struggled with. It would be unfair of me to discuss Pacino without mentioning his breakthrough role in 1972’s The Godfather. It is quite unusual that an actor as inexperienced as Pacino was at the time, would stand out in a cast as crowded with stars as The Godfather, however his performance outshone the likes of Marlon Brando, whose talent can’t be questioned, and James Caan, who might make any best actor list.

For my money, you can’t go wrong with Al Pacino. Pick any movie, rent it, take it home and watch it, and I’m sure you will be pleased with the results, even if you’ve seen it before. Quite simply put, he always delivers.

Photo by detengase

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