Dirty Dancing: 11 reasons why it's one of the greatest films ever made

In the last 30 years Dirty Dancing has risen from a competent summer smash to a cult fascination. It has spawned sparkly musicals and dubious sequels, but none have captured the charm of the original film. 

Dirty Dancing has become known for certain scenes and lines; everybody knows not to put Baby in the corner. The Notebook borrowed heavily from the practicing-lifts-in-a-lake sequence, while the blossoming romance between bad-boy dance totty Johnny Castle and earnest rich girl Frances “Baby” Houseman made stars of Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

But there is far more to Dirty Dancing than impressive choreography and two winsome characters having the time of their life. Here are 11 other reasons why you should fall in love with it again:

1. I’ve Had The Time of My Life

Dirty Dancing’s soundtrack may effervesces with Sixties classics, but its undisputed highlight is I’ve Had The Time of My Life (followed closely by the excellent Hungry Eyes, also composed by Franke Previte). The song won an Oscar for good reason. With its shamelessly twinkly beginning, ripening climax and hyperbolic sentiment, the song follows the pattern of all good on-screen romances. But listen carefully and you can hear wisps of  I’ve Had The Time of My Life, the slightly sad version, edging into scenes as early as five minutes in. 

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