Business Opportunities for Artists

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Everyone knows about the stereotype of the starving artist?

Well, guess what? For you, it could soon become a thing of the

past. The Internet has opened up new opportunities for artists.

Now, you have a platform to share your creative efforts with the

rest of the world. You can take advantage of the different at

home business opportunities available to artists.


In the past, you had to find a gallery or showroom and convince

them to display your work. Maybe you even tried setting up your

easel in a local park or on the sidewalk and selling your work

that way. With the Internet, some new at home business

opportunities have opened up for you. You can set up your own

personal web site which will serve as your own digital art



Whenever you create a new work, you can easily add a

digital image of it to the site. By adding a shopping cart to

your site, you can sell your works yourself without having to

use a middle man.

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If you already have a loyal following for your artwork, you can

explore different at home business opportunities. You might try

selling your art on some of the online auction sites. If you

have prints or multiple copies of your work, you may choose to

offer an affiliate program of your own and recruit people to

sell these works for you.


To help you while you are waiting to become a successful artist,

you might try other at home business opportunities. You could

investigate the possibility of selling art-related products as

an affiliate marketer. Set up your own web site that sells items

such as posters, various art prints, stationery items and art

supplies. Alternately, you could publish a blog or online

newsletter and write reviews of artists, art shows and different

products related to your field of art.


Try something nontraditional in the way of at home business

opportunities so that you can fund your artistic endeavors. In

this way, you can experience your true passion while supporting

yourself without leaving home.

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