Tracking your Traffic

We all love traffic coming to our website. Traffic is the lifeblood of our online business. For an online business, traffic is vital to it. Online businesses need traffic to turn a profit. The more the merrier in most cases.

website traffic photoHowever, as a marketer, that isn’t always the case. Marketers need targeted traffic and they want to know where it is coming from. Marketers must have targeted traffic and to earn full from it, they need to know where it comes from. Not knowing where your traffic is coming from means you don’t know which traffic generation methods are working effectively for you.

Only the successful marketers make an effort to track their visitors.

If you are paying for advertising and not tracking your traffic, you are potentially losing money, not getting the best return on investment! You must recognize which adverts are generating income and which methods are producing results. This way you can do more advertising that is earning you money and less of those which aren’t.

Monitoring your traffic doesn’t need to be complex and can be done quite simple. You can invest in scripts and services that will track your website visitors for you. These vary from the cheap to the expensive, the good and to the brilliant.

You don’t need to have a script or service to track your visitors, but it can often make it much easier for you.

A quick traffic tracking method of tracking visitors is to use Google Analytics.This is a free to sign up service that many marketers are using. The best thing about this service is that it provides detailed statistics and can track pretty much anything!

The complexity of it is both good and bad because you can find out so much about your website that it will initially bamboozle you. However, once you have spent some time getting to understand the results it will prove very useful.

website traffic photoFirst, you have to add the code to your web site. This code is unique for each of your websites and needs to be inserted at the bottom of each page in your website just before the closing body tag.

Once it is reporting data, you need to drive a decent amount of traffic to your site to get some good results.

Analytics will report on all activity on your website and even go as far to overlay where people are clicking to help you understand the activity on your website. You can link your analytics account with your Adsense and Adwords accounts to further help you understand how well they are working for you.

A major feature of Analytics is it allows for goal tracking which tracks sales and subscriptions. It can be a bit complex to get working behind scripts and membership sites, but it is worthwhile.

The big appeal to most marketers is the fact that it has a lot of features, more than many scripts, and is completely free. Of course, Google gets to know exactly what is happening on your website, but that is a small tradeoff for such in depth analytics.

Using Google Analytics will give you a good understanding of where your traffic comes from and what it is going on when it lands on your website. Through this you can improve your conversion rate, and in turn, your profits.

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