B-Day Cards

birthday card photoCall me old-fashioned, but I have always enjoyed making my own happy birthday cards. For better or for worse, I never have a shortage of things to say to my friends, and this serves me well in making cards for birthdays. Sometimes, I write a happy birthday poem. Other times, I write about something that happened to me and the birthday boy or girl the past, and what it meant to me. Usually, it is something sentimental but occasionally it’s a funny misadventure we got into together. Sometimes, I even help when my family members write a happy birthday card for mutual friends or another family member. I figure, if I know what to say, why not put my skills to good use?

It is that line of thought that first inspired me to create a website to help people make happy birthday cards online. I have almost no background in web development or programming, so my online cards started out sort of slow and clunky. At first, all I had was some simple cards as graphics files. You could download them for free, print them out and write your signature by hands. They were clever, and I made sure that the images were high-quality, but they weren’t very flexible. After all, there was no good way to alter them at all.

Eventually, I learned how to make them available as templates. I was so excited to be able to offer these tweakable happy birthday cards that I must have annoyed the heck out of my friends, repeatedly sending them admonitions to check out my latest card. After a while, I realized that people don’t want to see happy birthday cards every day. I continue to develop my site and figured that, when people needed cards, it would be there.

It has been a struggle getting traffic to my website, but I passed the time coming up with new types of cards. Nowadays, in addition to having happy birthday cards, you can get sympathy cards, a couple anniversary cards and even a few simple “I was thinking about you” cards. I only get a few hundred visitors a month, but every month I do a bit better than the next month before. I have been making a few initial inquiries into selling advertising space on the site. I haven’t had any biters yet, but I’m pretty confident that, as my online birthday card traffic increases, people will want to put up ads on my site. I imagine that, before long, I may be making a tidy profit.

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