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Coupons photoThis is a time when people need to learn to be extremely frugal. It isn’t enough to cut down on that much-maligned daily latte anymore. You need to start cutting down on essentials if you are to make ends meet. And that includes your household expenses – your groceries, toiletries, pets stuff, entertainment – nothing escapes the big red pen. So you’re probably wondering if this is even possible without actually starving yourself or living like a monk. The answer, as many people have discovered already, is extreme couponing.

Those who haven’t tried extreme couponing will find it hard to believe how much it is possible to save. Your standard family of four it is often noted, can easily save $2000 worth of household expenses every single month. On essentials. That’s real money in your pocket. Most people would kill for that kind of extra money in their budgets. So let’s take a closer look at how it’s done.

A person who does extreme couponing knows all kinds of things that ordinary people don’t. For instance, they know that in certain circumstances, you can use two coupons at the same time – one from the manufacturer and one from the store.

An extreme couponer does more than that. He’ll use those two coupons when there’s a sale. That’s three discounts on one product. This way, he can even get a name brand product for a less than what a generic product would cost. You just have to keep count of when all the sales are.

The extreme couponing expert is so serious about his pursuit of the deal that he will on Sundays buy five different newspapers to get every kind of possible coupon deal. The trick is in getting multiple deals for every one of the products you need to buy.Coupons photo

So do you have to dedicate your life to finding coupons if you have to make this kind of saving? Not really. It’s all about knowing when all the stores in your area put sales out and keeping a reasonably watchful eye out for coupons.

Just make sure that you scour the Sunday newspapers and online coupon websites for their coupons through what you want. You can even ask your neighbors for whatever coupon inserts they have that they aren’t using.

You can sometimes, just drop an e-mail note to the manufacturers of the products you are a regular buyer of, telling them that you enjoy their products. And they’ll often send you a bunch of coupons to show you their appreciation.

You can also ask at the grocery stores you shop at for their coupon booklets. Once you’ve organized all your coupons, it’s time to keep an eye out for the sales. When you get a twofer offer or something, that’s when you decide to take action.

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