The angriest Republican in Hollywood: has James Woods picked one Twitter fight too many? 

When James Woods was publicly called out by actor Armie Hammer on Twitter this week, it illuminated a vast corner of social media where Woods appears to be king. Woods, it seems, can often be found online holding down the fort for a Republican Hollywood that principally exists in a world of secret handshakes and unspoken political views.

For a traditionally left-wing town, Woods has long been one of its most vocal conservatives, his views expressed in frequently outrageous soundbites.

While Woods’s provocative opinions were more or less confined to print magazines throughout his Eighties and Nineties peak (he was rallying against the Clintons long before Hillary had presidential aspirations), he has blossomed as a cult figure of right-wing snark in the age of social media, with a Twitter following of nearly 900,000 avid Trumpsters.

Woods has, in effect, become the Beyoncé of Republican Twitter, an endlessly-retweeted pop culture behemoth whose right-wing equivalent of an arty baby picture is a daily raft of tweets attacking “libtards”, “snowflakes”, “fake news”, Hillary Clinton and  “the lamestream media”. His Twitter bio is a solitary declaration of “#AMERICA”, and he interacts frequently with his base.

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