Handwriting Analysis

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If you go to court and something about your handwriting or your signature goes into question, the court or legal counsel may hire what is known as a professional handwriting analyzer. These people can tell if writing belongs to someone or if a signature has been forged. This is something someone has to study for a while, and if you need one, you are going to pay for their services. However, there is some basic information you can pick up on your own if you know a little about analyzing handwriting. It is not as hard as you think.


You can tell a lot about the mood or overall state of mind of someone you know well with personally analyzing handwriting. If you already know how they write on a normal basis, you can tell if something is going on with them by analyzing handwriting from that day or that week. If someone always has rounded letters but they are suddenly writing with a tighter and sloppier hand, it could very well be that they are stressed and rushed. They could be dealing with something heavy and are uncertain about the outcome and how it will affect their life.


You can also tell when someone is trying to get their life in order if you notice that their usual scribble is suddenly looking better. This means they are trying harder to be neater when writing and probably more organized and better in their personal life. This can mean they are trying to improve for personal life or perhaps they are working on skills for a promotion at work. Normally messy handwriting that cleans up usually means self improvement in some form or another. This is normally a good thing. On the flip side, it could just be that they are having a great time in life and that is reflected in their writing.

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If you are feeling conflicted in your own personal life, you may not realize it. However, you may know it if you go about analyzing handwriting on yourself. Do you normally stay in the lines but are not all over the place? Do you stay on the line for the most part but now seem to write down or up without regard to that line? Is the overall look of your writing taking a different slant either to the left or the right? These can all be signs that you are not your normal self. Look more into analyzing handwriting for more specific cues in anyone’s writing.


Analyzing handwriting can also help you with your children. If you suspect that they may be having problems in school or may be dealing with a learning disability, take a look at their handwriting. You may have to compare it to other children their age, but there are some signs that they are not up to par with peers. You may notice they always switch letters around that they should know to get right. There are many other things you can find through analyzing handwriting of your children. There are books that can help you. Talk to their teacher about your concerns if something does not seem right to you.

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