It Wouldn’t Be Christmas Without Christmas Cookies

cookie_cookies_christmas_112816_oEvery year at Christmas time, we make a trip to my mother’s house for some of the greatest Christmas cookies ever created. We always eat our fill, and then my mother has bags of them for us to take home. Even though we enjoy many holiday traditions, Christmas would not be the same without Christmas cookies.

My mother always offers a medley of Christmas cookies each year at Christmas. The kind that always stick out to me are what are called Cowboy cookies. Theses have chocolate chips, coconut and cherry and are absolutely delicious! It is best to get them while they are still warm, and they are always among the favorites that she offers.

She also make a something that is similar to a pecan sandy, except much smaller. They almost look like large, powdered gum drops and are quite tasty. The dangerous thing for me about these Christmas cookies is that I can eat a couple dozen of them at times and not even realize that I have! They are probably my personal favorites, because I really like pecans and they make me feel less guilt about eating them because they are smaller than the other cookies.

There is also a cookie featured each year that is a combination of butterscotch and cornflakes that she actually has to cool down in order to get them to gel. These are probably the most unique of all of the Christmas cookies my mother offers because of the way they are cooked, and they also look kind of funny, but they are very, very good. My sister actually makes this particular type of cookie throughout the year and they always go over

Then, of course, there are the Christmas cookies that my mother makes for the kids that are made into the shape of snowmen and candy canes and so forth that are essentially decorated sugar cookies. Not among my personal favorites, but who am I kidding? I always eat them! They are festive and always available in large quantities, and more important, they are still cookies. I will pretty much eat anything that my mother puts in front of me, but especially any type of Christmas cookie she decides to make!

Christmas cookies are always a very big part of our Christmas festivities. My mother once told me that, as much effort as it takes to make them at times, she really enjoys it because we are all together and enjoying ourselves. We love coming over to have them for the same reason. It is something that I believe we will continue for many, many years to come and hopefully pass down to our children.

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