Cost Effective Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake photoOne of the biggest focal points of a wedding reception

is the beautiful wedding cake. That towering,

flowering, blinding beautiful wedding cake with the

two people standing on top, that the bride and groom

cut and then feed to one another.


Although a lot of brides and grooms go with the

traditional pound cake taste, it doesn’t have to be

that way.


Flavor –


If you don’t go with the traditional pound cake taste

for all of your layers, keep in mind that not everyone

is going to like lemon or raspberry, or any other

exotic flavors.


One popular alternative is chocolate chip cake.

Another idea is to go with alternating chocolate and



The top of your cake is traditionally saved and eaten

on your first wedding anniversary. So choose the

flavor that both of you will enjoy and make that your

wedding topper.


Although a lot of cakes are purchased in a traditional

bakery, there are a lot of supermarkets that make

delicious cakes that aren’t as expensive.


If you are working on a budget, shop around for prices

on wedding cakes and be sure to sample them. You may

be surprised at what supermarkets can do.


If you have someone that has taken a cake decorating

class and makes great cakes, you may find that they

will do it as a wedding present and it will save you

some money.


A wedding cake doesn’t have to be expensive to be

delicious, and you can find plenty of money saving

ideas when looking for your wedding cake.

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