Wedding Gift Ideas

Gift photoA day or two before your wedding, there is usually a

wedding rehearsal and then a wedding rehearsal dinner.

This is paid for traditionally by the groom’s family,

and it’s when you will give your wedding attendants

their gifts as a thank you for being in your wedding.




– As a rule, jewelry is a good idea for the ladies. If

they have pierced ears, you can give them earrings. If

their ears aren’t pierced, you can give them



It’s always a good idea to give them something that

they can wear on the day of the wedding to go with

their dresses.




– For the men, it’s a little more difficult to choose

an appropriate gift. If you can’t find something that

will be appropriate for all of them, you can choose

comparable but different gifts.


Beer steins, shot glasses, and other similar items can

be used, or something else that will reflect their



Remember, when you are choosing your gifts that these

are your friends and family, and that you want them to

know that you have appreciated everything that they

have done.


The wedding rehearsal dinner is a time for the wedding

party to come together and have a good time before the



Enjoy yourself and have a good time with your wedding

party. You are celebrating the fact that you are going

to be getting married soon, and that you will be

starting a new life together with you spouse.

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