Gal Gadot's war: even in real life, Wonder Woman won't back down from a fight

We shouldn’t laugh, and yet… It feels wonderfully apt to learn that Gal Gadot, 2017’s brightest star, spent most of the Justice League shoot being violently sick. Not because she’d had a vision of the reviews, but because she was pregnant and keeping it a secret.

Apparently nobody believed it – but it’s hard to hide when your assistant has to keep a carefully disguised vomit bucket to hand, and burst into song at key moments. And yet. Compare this to Henry Cavill, Superman, who had to have his moustache digitally removed by VFX teams during the reshoots because he was contractually obliged to have it for shooting Mission Impossible 6.

Contractually obliged moustache! Meanwhile, Gadot is still gently having to tell people that it’s Gadot with a “light t”, not Gadoh, and that she’s absolutely fine, thank you, it was just a sandwich that disagreed with her.

It’s taken 10 years of supporting roles as spies, tough nuts, and people who might potentially be tough-nut spies for 32-year-old Gal Gadot to reach centre stage. And what a year she’s had.

Wonder Woman, in which she plays the titular Amazon, blazed through 2017 as the latest indication that, yes, women do go to the cinema, and patrons of any gender will pay to see a good superhero film with a female lead. The film has broken sufficient records to make Warner Bros and DC Studios suitably embarrassed that they signed neither Gadot nor director Patty Jenkins for a pre-emptive sequel, the effects of which were particularly felt this week.

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