Acquaint yourself with Medieval Weapons

At present it is common knowledge that the medieval knights used to fight their battles with the weapons that belonged to them. To make it through all the odds and triumph over his opponent on the battlefield the knights needed to choose the best weapon in their disposal. During the middle Ages, those weapons used by the knights to combat their enemies are called the medieval weapons. The medieval weapons were of various designs and shapes.

All these weapons don’t have the same strength and compatibility as others. This means that some are invariably stronger than the others of its kind. To use the weapons to its optimum capacity the medieval knights needed to have a thorough knowledge of the strength and weakness of the weapons he is using. It’s a fact that there was no perfect weapon in the Middle Ages that was without a fault. Every weapon has its strength and its weakness.

medieval weapons photoMost people carry with them a wrong idea that medieval weapons were exclusively to European countries. But that’s not true because various countries of the world have there own set of medieval weaponry. The medieval weapons of other countries varied in design, style and sometimes even in the way they were used. Though you might find the weapons of different countries often similar in their basic structure they are never the same for weapons of one country is totally different from the others. You can find hundreds of different kinds of medieval weapons that were used by knights in the medieval era if you search on the Internet. Each kind of weapons has their own style and strength that are quite different from others.

During this time period as only those who were famous, rich and influential could afford to buy this weapons that were quite expensive to protect themselves and their families. So the rights of buying these medieval weapons automatically got reserved for them only. Depending on the method of usage these weapons were classified into two categories. Long-range combat weaponry fell into the first category. These types of weapons were used when a knight had to take down an opponent who was at a long distance from him. Weapons used for close combat were in the second category. A good example of this type of weaponry is knives.

Now that we had an overall discussion of different categories of medieval weapons let’s look into some of these weapons in bit more detailed manner.

The Sword

It is simply a lengthy cutting framed weapon that is quite long. In various countries of the world, different styles and forms of this weapon is used.

The Dagger

Primarily used for the purpose of stabbing or thrusting, it is a type of knife that has two edges. In close encounters this weapon is not of great importance most of the time. These weapons even in the past were regarded not as primary weapons but as tertiary weapons or secondary.

The Blade

This type of weapon have a pointed and sharp edge and surface that is flat. Used mainly for the purpose of stabbing, thrusting, striking and cutting, these weapons were generally made of metals.

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