Common Constipation

The Most Commonly Occurring Cause of Constipation That You Never Heard Of

man photoHow do you get constipation? You have heard of all the usual suspects: a diet of too much processed foods and too little fiber, too little exercise, too little water and a way of holding it in when you really should go. While those are pretty obvious and easy to fix, there are a few causes of constipation that have more complicated backgrounds as well. Sometimes, there are certain supplements or medicines that can be causes of constipation. And sometimes, there can be medical conditions that are responsible too. Here are a few of the most commonly occurring causes of constipation that you never heard of.

In people over 35, a malfunctioning thyroid gland can often lead to all kinds of problems. The delicate gland that follows the rough outline of a butterfly in shape, and that is placed in your throat, produces the thyroid hormone that sets the pace of your bodily processes. If your thyroid gland goes to sleep, or gets a bit lazy, you can be affected with hypothyroidism – a problem that results in your body working too slowly. When your digestive system works too slowly, guess what happens? If you happen to have a problem with constipation that no regular treatment seems to get rid of, you could bring this up with your doctor.

Constipation can turn up for the strangest reasons. You might certainly understand that the use of a few recreational drugs could give you constipation; you might intuitively understand that because you generally believe that the health benefits of recreational drugs are few and far between. But how about chocolate? When did chocolate hurt anybody? Sadly though, if you have a problem with constipation, you could meaningfully look at your chocolate habit, if you have one. Evidence in the matter is somewhat confusing though. In some people, chocolate helps with constipation; in others, it contributes to an existing problem. The only way to really know would be to try it both ways and to find photo

Perhaps the strangest uncommon cause of constipation has to be this one: using too much laxative. With some kinds of laxatives, ones like Dulcolax, they act by stimulating your bowels to work more quickly. These should be used with certain amount of caution. If you use the Dulcolax for extended periods of time, they can actually addict your body. Once your body gets addicted to it, it no longer feels like working smoothly without a hit. While on the subject of using too many tablets of any kind, you probably never heard of how vitamins can affect you either. Vitamins by themselves don’t do you any harm; but they usually come together with certain other components – things like calcium or iron. And these can be a constipation contributor.

Basically, if you have constipation, you need to look at the uncommon reasons you could have it for as well as the common ones.

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