Acne Remedies!

eyebrow-acne-wrinkle-1783617-oIf you have never had black spots or blemishes on your face, you are lucky. Most people have had the ugly impact on their faces especially in the teen years. The skin clogs leading to unsightly pimples and inflamed pores. For some, the condition only got worse as they grew older, while for others, the face cleared up and healed all the scars. There are acne remedies that do not involve creams or other processed products. The most important thing to remember when trying out these options is that this process may not give the results instantaneously.

First on the list of acne remedies; check the diet. The skin is affected greatly by the type of food consumed. For instance, oily foods will assist in clogging the skin. To curb this, zinc levels in your diet should go up because this mineral assists in the condition. Zinc will reduce the quantities of sebum oil under the skin. You also need to look out for the levels of sulfur in the body. This is one of the ingredients in the anti-acne products and you therefore need to take in foods that are rich in sulfur. This is available in onions and garlic. In addition, take sufficient levels of water to aid the cells in removing the toxins from the body.

When you have that sorted, you need to think about the level of stress. High levels of stress will prevent you from getting sufficient rest and the skin will in turn lose its ability to rejuvenate. Due to lack of rest, your body will not perform as effectively as it should and therefore, the organs will not be utilized. Thus, you are prone to attacks and this means your skin is not exempted.Shoulder Acne

Third, acne remedies also involve hygienic areas of the skin. This will put the condition under control and prevent it from worsening. In this case, you need a cleanser that will kill the bacteria accumulated on the skin. The best option when it comes to cleansers is looking for natural cleansers. One of the natural treatments is mixing lemon juice with rose water. It will clean the face and you will notice the results after a few days. You can also use vinegar mixed with salt. Rub this on the face to cleanse it. Avoid using cleaning clothes that may scratch your face or break the pimples because some may become septic.

Still on hygiene, you should change your pillow cases often because oils accumulate on them during the night. This will harbor bacteria that will lead to the clogged pores. You can change them every day or after two days depending with your respiratory levels and the oiliness of your face. It is also advisable to keep your hands clean because you might be infecting yourself with bacteria every time you touch your face voluntarily or involuntarily.

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