If you’re on a budget and you don’t know what else to cut to make ends meet, usually, you have someone suggest to you that you can just brown bag it every day for lunch. But that doesn’t really make you hopeful. How much can you possibly save that way, and how much boring food can you take, you ask yourself. The thing is, the best brown bag lunch ideas for adults at work are not boring, and they can probably save you at least $1000 a year.

lunch box photoBut if you were to take up a more realistic estimate – let’s say that everyday, lunch sets you back $8. That’s $40 a week or about $2000 a year. Certainly, you could use that kind of money. But another part of the objections people have comes down to how brown bag lunch ideas for adults are just considered boring and embarrassing. And of course, when everyone else goes out to a diner for something to eat, you can kind of feel left out. Well, there are sacrifices to make of course; but you don’t have to brown bag it every single day. And you don’t have to carry a brown bag.

So let’s get on to some excellent lunch ideas that should make any lunch a lot more palatable.

Lots of brown bag lunch ideas for adults consist of stuff like carrot sticks or celery sticks. And people complain about boring lunches! Of course they are boring – they are carrot sticks! Try to spice them up with a dipping sauce or two. Try Thai chili sauce or garlic hummus. Whatever it is that you have for lunch – left-over chicken, fruits or vegetables or even shrimp, pack a dipping sauce. It can really class up your lunch.lunch box photo

Food is always better when you accessorize it. And those dipping sauces aren’t all you have to work with. Consider pickles, fresh cheese, yogurt, sprouts – these make any lunch immeasurably better.

Soup in a thermos can be a great lunch idea. But of course, it can’t quite feel like lunch until you accessorize the soup. Pack some croutons, a couple of chiplets of butter or some scallions all chopped up and you can make any soup come alive.

Did you ever consider how finger foods can be great fun and can feel really filling? Try it – foods you eat with your hands are a lot more filling, psychologically. Try a turkey roll up or a spring roll or a vegetarian kebab. The thing is, brown bag lunch ideas for adults get a bad rap because people choose to make them in really uninspired and boring ways. Forget about the ever-green sandwich and apple combo. Go instead with something adventurous and sensible. Think of what your mother would have done.

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