The Daddy's Home 2 disaster: Mel Gibson's ill-advised move into family comedy has produced the worst movie of the year

If you’re looking for fun family fare this Christmas, why not try Daddy’s Home 2? It stars that lovable scamp Mel Gibson. You know, the actor who hit his girlfriend in the face so hard that (she has claimed) her teeth broke, and was reportedly recorded telling her “if you get raped by a pack of n——, it’ll be your fault”? Yes, that Mel Gibson.

Gibson, 61, whose heavy drinking, unpleasant behaviour and anti-semitic comments for a long time made him persona non grata in Hollywood, was welcomed back into the film world’s bosom after his gritty war epic Hacksaw Ridge became an unexpected Oscar contender last year. 

Nonetheless, news of his casting in a family-friendly comedy raised a few eyebrows. At least two different news outlets – in both the US and the UK – ran with headlines that asked “What the Hell Is Mel Gibson Doing in Daddy’s Home 2?”

The sequel to 2015’s critically panned blockbuster Daddy’s Home casts the Bravehart star as gruff alpha-male Grandpa Kurt, who arrives to upset the delicate friendship between sensitive Brad (Will Ferrell) and his wife’s ex-husband Dusty (Mark Wahlberg).

It currently holds a “rotten” zero per cent approval rating from review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, and Gibson’s character has been seen as one of its worst flaws. Grandpa Kurt appears to be a parody of Gibson’s own erratic and foul-mouthed image. At one point, he tries to entertain his grandchildren by telling them a joke: “Two dead hookers wash up on the shore…”

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