Hot Tea Is Great

Hot tea photo

While most American families have a big can of coffee in their pantries, we always had tea. Our family is Irish American, and we still carry on a lot of the traditions of the old country. Perhaps it is my own personal bias here, but I have to say that hot tea may be the world’s greatest beverage.

What I love about it is that it can serve so many purposes. At work, I always start my day with a cup of hot tea. It helps wake me up and also calms my nerves for what almost always promises to be an adventurous day. As long as I have a cup of hot tea in the morning, I just feel like everything will be all right for the rest of the day. It gets me off to a good start.

I will often have a cup of hot tea with breakfast in the morning as well. One of my favorite breakfasts to have is an English muffin with strawberry jam and hot tea. It is light, but at the same time substantial enough to hold me over for a while. Even when I go out for breakfast with my family, I will often order hot tea with my meal.

I always enjoy having hot tea in the afternoon, as well. This was a tradition passed on from my parents that they got from their parents, and probably originated in the old country. I can’t always explain why I do this, but it just feels right. If I throw in a couple of cookies or a piece of cake, it makes it that much better and more enjoyable.Hot tea photo

My favorite way to make hot tea is with sugar and milk. My mother liked to make it with honey and milk, and I actually have a very good friend who substitutes half and half for milk in his hot tea. I tried it this way once, but I would still have to say that I prefer it it with milk. I have always been amazed at the way that I have been able to perfect it over the years, as well. It was much sweeter when I first started having tea, and in my late teen years I went through a phase where I was making it quite strong, but now, it is just right, and it is right every time!

Hot tea is a very important part of my life and I always enjoy having a cup. It is part of who I am as a person and how I was raised. While everyone else is drinking coffee in the mornings, I always have my tea, and it makes me feel proud to know that I have kept a tradition from my culture going in a much different world from the one in which my ancestors grew up.

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