John Heard, Home Alone actor, dies aged 71

Heard was best known for playing Peter McAllister, the father who famously left Kevin alone in the Home Alone films in the Nineties. He racked up 179 acting credits for parts in TV series and films, including Beaches, the 1988 action comedy, Gladiator and, later, The Sopranos, for which he received an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of detective Vin Makazian. 

He acted continuously from the mid-Seventies, and was still filming Broome Street Boys, a police drama based in New York, when he died. Five other projects Heard has credits in are yet to be released. 

His death has encouraged fans and members of the Hollywood industry to share their tributes on Twitter. Many praised his performance in Cutter’s Way, the 1981 thriller in which Heard made his breakthrough role alongside Jeff Bridges, and Snake Eyes, which was directed by Brian De Palma.

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