Real career aptitude test

The career aptitude test is a favorite subject of many a kid’s show, in which the main characters take a test to see what they are cut out for as adults. Usually, the test will provide them with a result which is completely incompatible with who they are, but in an effort to accept fate, they’ll attempt to change themselves and fail miserably. Then a wise teacher figure will intervene and tell them that a test isn’t everything and can’t tell them who they are. What they want to be when they grow up is up to them and what they want to do. Then the main characters will see the light and go back to their previous goofy ways.

tests photoNow, the career aptitude test as it is presented in children’s shows is a bit exaggerated, purposely engineered to produce results that are outright antagonistic to the personalities of the show’s characters. However, the sentiment behind this very special episode isn’t so inaccurate. Realizing that you should do want you want to do and not what others say you should do is a very important message to remember that people often forget. We live in a world full of expectations, burdens and limitations but simultaneously it is a world of assets and opportunities. Is this contradictory? Yes and no. Yes, opportunities are the opposite of limitations but you can’t have one without the other. And just because you’re limited in one aspect doesn’t mean that you’re restricted in another. There is no set destiny for every person. There are a variety of paths you can take and ends you can achieve depending on what course of action you take. Your personality and situation will make certain paths more conducive than others, and in addition to choice, desire is crucial in what direction you will take. Sure, you might be great at math but maybe crunching numbers isn’t your thing. Or maybe you’re not so great at science but you want to experiment. Who cares? What matters is what you want. The career aptitude test can present some paths to you, but it’s up to you to decide which path to take.

Of course you’ve got to take some things into consideration. Putting effort into anything takes time and money. Do you have those resources to spare? Certain paths may be inaccessible because of these constraints. But just because these paths are closed off now doesn’t mean that they won’t open up later on. So while considering practicalities like your career aptitude test results and your resources, make your choice. And make it a choice you won’t regret.


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