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From the beginnings of online education, speed reading has been one of the most important subjects ever taught. From colleges, universities, private corporate classes, Dr. Jay Polmar traveled from Florida to Hawaii teaching his special methods. Read faster, get better grades, have more success in life. Known around the world by tens of thousands, Speedread America is the leader in online speed reading education.

reading photoSpeedread America was America’s first company to introduce sophistical developed speed reading courses. In 1997 the first online course was Speed Reading in Only One Hour, by Dr. Jay Polmar. The company’s great success was increased through the publicity given by the Bottom Line magazine, a publication that served small businesses.

Slightly thereafter, Dr. Polmar’s college/university speed reading course was completed for online distribution. “Be Dynamic Through Speed Reading” is a self-taught 7 hour course that Dr. Polmar personally taught at Colleges and Universities in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Oregon and Hawaii. This educational program course includes speed reading, brain/mind methods of concentration, improvement of the memory and the recall function, development of the intuition to take exams, and also, the the art and science of how to write term papers and theses. This dynamic program also assisted with helping study take effective notes after studying the program and apply the techniques.

In 2000, the children’s program entitled “If You Can Read This, You Can Read Faster” was developed with the aid of a 12 year old secondary student, Ashley Johnson. Ashley assisted Dr. Polmar to revise the One Hour Program, with added vocabulary, describing the psychology of education. It has helped thousands of youngsters to increase reading levels and teach speed reading to children.

reading photoBeginning in 2002, Dr. Polmar began writing of programs specially for use in Mexico. This included: “The Gringo Guide to speaking Spanish” (a course for tourists), “The Legends Reading Program” (a bilingual educational tool for students from 5 years old through college), “Don Francisco’s Guide to English” (a basic primer to the English Language and a Guide to English Slang), three translations of his speed reading courses into Spanish at primary, secondary and college levels, and a specialized course in English for the Tourism industry for Hotels and Restaurants.

These books took the dedication of Mexican Educators in the region of Guadalajara and Mexico City to complete. The Spanish/Latino versions help Spanish readers to become English-speaking for more success in their later lives.

The results of our speed reading and English programs amounts to reduction of students deserting school early, to work in farming or doing work with minimal potentials. Fewer men and boys leaving Latin America for work in the United States and elsewhere. The opportunity is vast to use this program to considerably improve students educational abilities in Mexico, related to reading, speed reading, speaking English and more.

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