Important Considerations before buying Student Laptops

With falling prices, buying a student laptop has become a cake walk for many of those who could not afford it before. The present day laptops are smarter, sleeker and sturdier. All in all, they have become better equipped to meet the hard wear and tear treatment by the students.

laptop store photoBut how would a first time buyer who hasn’t used the laptop before will get the best laptop from his purchase? Here is the list of top 10 things you must consider before buying a student laptop:

(1) First things first, before investing your resources in this ideal machine, you should be clear with some of the basic fundamentals, like what are your major requirements as for computer hardware and software? Can your laptop be used in the classroom for taking notes and connecting to the internet? What internet connections are available in your campus and how can you connect to the University’s/School’s intranet? These are some of the basic questions that need to be answered before you invest into your dream machine.

(2) The next step which follows after making your requirements clear is what kind of laptop is best suited for your needs. Consider, what attributes it should carry in order to fulfill your basic requirements, without involving much management from your side.

laptop store photo(3) While buying a laptop make sure that you buy it from a vendor who will be able to support your needs. If you purchase it from a shop local to you but far away from the place where it is intended to be used, it makes it difficult for the service calls.

Other things to be considered are:

(4) Size: An ideal student laptop must be small, lightweight and very portable, as students peculiarly need the one they can carry easily to places.

Sturdiness: Your laptop should be tough and sturdy enough to bear any kind of treatment given by you.

(5) Software compatibility: Shop for the software section before buying your machine to make sure that in the end you can afford both the machine and the software of your choice.

(6) Convenience: It should be convenient for you to use it anytime.

(7) Connections: Access to internet is a must for any student. So, this facility should be available to you anywhere and anytime.

laptop store photo(8) Besides a proper internet connection there are some other “must have” to check, which you need in your laptop –a printer port, a 56 kbps-modem, at least one USB port for external keyboard/mouse, drive, digital cameras and MP3 players. A VGA port for an external monitor will be an added advantage.

(9) Technical specifications: your laptop should have enough storage space, RAM and the right computing speed to accomplish any kind of job. For example: Your laptop should posses a reasonable battery life which can be of five hours or more.

(10) Price: Last but never the least, there always will exist price constraints for students. Therefore your laptop should be reasonably priced. For this matter refurbished laptops may be a good option for those who are on a real strict budget.

Photo by jfingas

Photo by jfingas

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