Christmas Recipes

Christmas photoThere are some standard dishes that each family makes each year for Christmas and everyone comes to expect those things when they get together for the holidays. Some people have Christmas recipes that they use on the big day, and then there are some that are for Christmas eve, and even the day after Christmas. Some people have specific breakfast items that they make and enjoy while opening gifts, and then there are the treats that some people like to share with each other for the holidays. If you do not yet have your own traditions, find some great recipes that you can share year after year.

Some Christmas recipes will revolved around what you want to eat on Christmas day. Some families like to have a turkey for Christmas dinner, and there are traditional things that go with turkey. Stuffing and mash potatoes with gravy are common, but that does not mean that they have to be a repeat of what you had on Thanksgiving. You can find Christmas recipes for specific stuffing recipes that are new or you can find new ways to make potatoes just for the holiday season. Add new dishes that you find each year and keep the ones that seem to be a hit.

If you do not want turkey for Christmas because you just had it a month before, you can do what others do. Some go with goose, which can have many of the same side dishes as turkey. Others like to have a ham, which can change the side dishes you want to use for Christmas recipes. You can still have great potatoes and gravy on your table, but stuffing is usually out. If you want stuffing, there are pork varieties out there. You can also come up with apple dishes that tend to go well with pork, or you can see what you can find in Christmas recipes to go with a ham dinner.Christmas photo

Christmas morning can be tricky because many families share Christmas dinner at midday, which means they do not want to be full from eating in the morning. This usually means having Christmas recipes that are simple for breakfast. Some are so simply you only have to throw them into the oven or the microwave. Some enjoy cinnamon buns and others have fruit and cheese for a light breakfast. The same can be said for the day after Christmas or Christmas night when everyone feels full but needs a little something more.

Christmas Eve can be a special time to whip out favorites that you do not have throughout the rest of the year. These could be Christmas recipes for treats that you have made to give others. When baking and cooking, always save some for your family. If you get together with others the night before Christmas, think of light and savory Christmas recipes that will settle the stomach before the big night. Children have a hard time sleeping the night before Christmas, so keep the sugar for earlier in the day and make sure they have a light but filling meal to help them sleep through the excitement.

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