Defend Your Castle!

castle_bodiam_sussex_615389_oIs a simple and fun game for your kids to play, the graphics are simple enough that they can easily defend it. The objective of the game is simple, Defend You Castle as the name Suggest. To defend it you simply use your mouse to pick up the bad guys and while holding down the left button and moving the mouse to toss them as far as possible. The violence in the game is minimal and the graphics are definitely child friendly.

Another great thing is it reminds the parents and grandparents of when they played games on their Atari Systems. The game can either be played online or offline and uses your internet explorer to do the job. offers the game on their website. The game was designed by XGen with a copyright of 2003.

At the end of each level the points you have scored will be tallied and you can then purchase upgrades. The Upgrades available are; Repair, which fixes any damages caused, Fortify which raise your castles walls, A Temple allowing you to recruit the enemy, Archery Range, Demolitions Lab where you send your converts to destroy the enemy with dynamite strapped to them, Workshop where converts fix repairs automatically, and Manapool in which you train Wizards.

Out of all the upgrades my personal favorite is Manapool, in this one you get to choose which spell you cast whether it is Kill wiping out 300 enemies, Detonate which annihilates 8risk-onyx-dice-1351070-o00 enemies, and Conversion where 2000 enemies are converted over to your side. The upgrades start out at 100 points for Repair 50 to 40,000 points for Manapool.

So whether you are wanting a few minutes of stress free fun, or a few hours of play you have found the game for the entire family to enjoy. Be forewarned though the more you play it the more addicted you become, with each level becoming harder than the last. Remember sling the bad guys hard and high and you will score big.

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