Abstract Paint for your home

If you want something new and interesting to add to your home décor, or perhaps to the blank walls in your office at work, art is always a great idea. The great thing about art is that though there are some pieces that are loved worldwide, most art is subjective. This means what you see that excites and moves you may not do much for someone else. When you are buying art, you want to buy what makes you feel good, or serene, or happy, or content – or whatever feeling you wish to feel. Abstract paintings are popular because they can be seen in many different ways.

abstract art photoThe difference between abstract paintings and other types of paintings is that most of the time, you can not pick out anything in a form you understand. Landscape and portrait paintings, and even those that are called still life, are about objects, people, or places. You can think of abstract paintings as being about something else. Many of them are about a feeling, a moment, or an idea. These things are hard to put into a form, so the artist just uses colors, shapes, patterns, and simple strokes that relate that idea or feeling to them. You can almost feel an emotion coming out of a painting done by a talented artist.

You may have seen abstract paintings in the past and decided that they were not for you simple because they didn’t do anything for you. The whole idea behind abstract is what you get out of it when you feel when you see it. You probably haven’t seen any that really said something positive to you. Some that do them will do them no matter what mood they are in. Some can be very dark and dismal, which may have been what turned you off. Instead of thinking that you hate this genre, take some time to find more. You may just discover one that says something that touches you in the right spot and you’ll fall in love with it.

Some abstract paintings have bold strokes and colors. These can be very in-you-face and some people do not like that in art. Other people, on the other hand, love this and would buy such a painting in an instant. Not all of them are blocks in bright colors that make you feel edgy. Some are more serene in colors that calm and relax a person. If you are low on energy at work, abstract paintings with vibrant colors can help keep you energized. If you need something in your home that calms you down, look for blues and greens to help you relax.

If you have a creative bend, you too can create your own abstract paintings. In fact, anyone can do these. Artist discipline is not as important in abstract as putting your mood or idea to color and shape might be. Your kids can even do abstract paintings as a way to get involved in art and all things creative. You can go out and buy a canvas and some paints, and create something great that you want to hang in your home. No one will know it was not done by a big name artist. Either they will love it or hate it, but as long as you love it, that is all that matters.

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