Preventing Food Poisoning

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The whole cantaloupe food poisoning hullabaloo and the German salad greens scare before that certainly did attract a lot of attention. And deservedly so, too. If the tens of millions of people who are sickened through food poisoning every year were to put a little more thought into how often it happens, they wouldn’t get as sick as they often as they did. So, how to prevent food poisoning? When nearly a third of the country goes down to food poisoning every year, it’s really important to educate ourselves how to stay clear.


Food poisoning isn’t one single thing. There are a couple of hundred kinds of food poisoning that attack us. And they can arrive through a variety of sources. The FDA at any one time has quite a handful of product recalls to deal with. Some of the recalls don’t even have to do with food poisoning. The Klement Sausage Company recalled thousands of pounds of meat product recently because they found glass pieces in the packages. Basically, you want to be able to recognize when food that you are sold is unsafe.


If you are thoroughly scared now, actually, that was the purpose of this article on how to prevent food poisoning. What should comfort you is that it’s not hard to prevent it (even if total prevention might be difficult).


What is surprising is that preventing food poisoning comes down to all those rules that your mother always tried to hammer into your head. You need to wash your hands well, you need to wash them well, you need to freeze and cook stuff well – you know the drill.


But it could make quite a bit of difference to your determination to follow those rules if you really understood why they were important. For instance, people often claim that they don’t need to wash their hands before a meal if they just did so an hour before and they feel they know they haven’t really touched anything unclean since.

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But do they really know? If you have any kind of acne anywhere, scratching that part of your body is likely to fill your hands with acne bacteria. And that can cause food poisoning. You also need to thoroughly wash the foods you use, before you cook them.


When you go shopping for canned goods, you need to always be alert to a damaged can. You don’t ever want to try the taste test on suspect food. Remember – if any can seems in less-than-perfect condition, you want to simply dump it in the trash.


And remember, if you have a newborn child in the family or any young child for that matter, you want to be extra careful applying the rules of how to prevent food poisoning. Young kids just don’t have the strength to survive an attack like this.

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