Can the Cost of Owning a Dog be Higher than what it Costs to Raise a Child?

Everybody’s always telling you to check your emotions at the door when you go buy something, right? Is there a time that we should check this rule at the door? How about when buying a cute little pet? This is love for a little animal that will be your companion for years, right? What better time to forget logic and go with your heart?

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Well, the cost of owning a dog can be substantial. And so, you could actually say that this was an investment decision. Perhaps you don’t believe that it can be that big a deal. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Certainly, you are aware of the cost of owning a dog, you tell yourself. How hard can it be to itemize – there’s the food, the toys, the trips to the veterinarian – that’s about it, right? Not so fast.

For instance, most people don’t realize it, but merely to hire a dog walker can cost you $5000 a year. If you have to travel regularly and if there isn’t anyone at home to take care of your pet, dog boarding can cost $100 each time. Well, let’s say that you are completely cool with all of this. Are you cool with what it can cost at the vet’s?

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Actually, they ask you this when you go in to adopt a dog or another kind of pet. Would you be willing to spend $5000-$10,000 a year on your pet’s health? This actually isn’t an uncommon figure. Some pet owners ask to have their pets euthanized because they can’t manage the health care expenses anymore.

Certainly, pet health insurance can help. But it’s likely to only cover a portion of what is needed. There are nearly human levels of care available for pets. Every pet owner can expect at least one instance where he has to shell out $5000 on an emergency veterinary visit. Most pet owners, while they are aware of the cost of owning a dog, just don’t have it worry them until things get out of hand one day.

But it isn’t just about what emergency care can cost. Completely routine predictable costs can be quite expensive too. The annual checkups, vaccinations, preventive medicines, spaying and neutering, training and debarking and finding ways to keep your pet entertained through the day – these can completely get out of hand.

Why, if you get a large breed of dog, the food bills alone could get out of hand. If you have a fluffy pet, dog grooming expenses can be quite something. And then you have to consider the possibility that someone in your family can turn out to be allergic.

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Basically, you want to sit down and total everything up before even considering a dog. One thing you need to remember is that every dollar that you spend on your dog, is a dollar you are taking away from your children.

Don’t get me wrong, to own and care for a dog is a wonderful experience for the whole family. But you need to be sure when it is the right time so you can really love and care for it, and the attention that a dog needs and deserves.


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