The Common Cold?!

ID-100245386It isn’t difficult to find advice on the Internet for all kinds of common cold treatments – no matter what your treatment philosophy is – herbal, alternative or over-the-counter. Most sources of advice though, neglect to take the cost of stocking your medicine cabinet with common cold treatments into consideration though. In case you’ve never paid attention to what it can cost, it could be pretty steep. How do you save money protecting yourself and your family against the common cold question? The first thing to consider dealing with remedies for a cold is, the question of how effective any cold treatment is likely to be for the kind of money you apply to it. All the vitamins, syrups, herbal supplements – to they really give you any value for your money? Since the common cold is caused by viruses of all descriptions, how much can anything help at all for the money you spend? The answer is, not by much. Your first idea saving money on common cold lotions and potions is – to lay off as much as possible. It isn’t going to do much good anyway, and you might as well save your money.

If the cold in question is in a young child in the family, not using any cold or cough medicine would not only be the financially prudent thing to do, it’s even medically required. Most of these medications are not safe for young children. A warm broth, lots of rest and patience, are likely to pay off just as well as medicines are. If it’s not a child if you need to help, you could conceivably go buy common cold ID-100396344treatments to help them. One way to save on those would be to not buy a major brand. Remedies of this kind are hardly new on the scene. These are not high-tech products; they dodn’t need the manufacturing muscle and the quality of the major brand. Generics should do just fine. And they cost a fraction of the brand name.

Sure, there are all kinds of common cold treatments on the shelves and you might be tempted to pick up two or three at a time to really hasten a cold on its way out. The problem with that approach is, that no matter how many brands and types of treatment you pick up, most of these contain one or two of just a handful of different ingredients. Pick up any two kinds of cold medicine, and you’re likely to find two or three of the same ingredients in both. Using more than one medicine is usually results in doubles dosing. Buy just one kind of medicine and stick with it. For safety’s sake, and for the sake of your wallet.

And finally, home remedies – honey and lemon for instance, are not only free, they often do just as well as expensive over-the-counter drugs..

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