Insomnia! Anxiety!

moberg_mirror_insomnia_1035608_oSleeping well is something that everyone wants to do. Some people can go with only a few hours a night and feel rested and rejuvenated, but most people need at least six to eight hours, with some needing more each night. Insomnia is one of the biggest reasons why people are not getting the sleep that they need. The reasons for insomnia are many, but stress and worry are often the main reason people can not fall asleep and can not stay asleep. The anxiety and insomnia connection is very strong, and if you are not sleeping, might be something you should look into.

Anxiety and insomnia have gone hand in hand for as long as people have had trouble sleeping. If you are very active person and you are exhausted each night when you lay down, there could be no amount of anxiety that could keep you awake, but most of us are simply not that tired. We want to sleep, but the brains refuse to slow down and shut down so that we can rest. Though anxiety may not be your problem, it may be if you are thinking about problems over and over again instead of sleeping. That is usually your first clue that you have a problem.

Your anxiety does not have to be anything major to disrupt your sleep. Perhaps the person that always watches your kids is moving, so you are not sure how you are going to find good childcare while you are at work. This is certainly not a life and death problem, but it is a problem. You can circle the same problem over and over again while laying in bed without solving it, which leads to the anxiety and insomnia problem for you. Try to tell yourself that there is nothing that you can do about it now, but you will get on it in the morning. Sometimes, that is all it takes to fall asleep.ID-100246951

Your problems that are triggering anxiety and insomnia are a bit more intense than that. Perhaps you have a child that you suspect may be getting involved in the wrong activities and slipping out at night. This will cause anyone to lose sleep. If you are just worried about it, but you are sure they are in their bed safe and sound, anxiety is keeping you up. However, if you know they are going to try to sneak out, staying awake is more protecting your family than something you can take care of in the morning. However, you still have to come up with a solution. Sleep on their floor if you have to, and then take measures the very next day so that you can sleep. You can’t help your child if you are exhausted.

If making a list and telling yourself that you will handle it the next day is not helping your anxiety and insomnia problem, it might be time to talk to your doctor. Some anxiety is out of control. You may have spiraling thoughts that spew gloom and doom while you are trying to sleep. This is more common than you think. You may benefit from the short term use of a sleeping pill or perhaps you need a medication to help you control your anxiety. Either way, you need that sleep each night, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

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