Bedroom Apartment!

sunterra_benalmadena_spain_756500_lWhen I first moved out of my parents’ home, I rented a 1 bedroom apartment that was probably less than 600 square feet. It was small and somewhat cramped, but there were a lot of advantages to living in such a small apartment.

The best thing for me about living in a 1 bedroom apartment was that there was not much to clean up. My parents lived in a home almost three times the size of my apartment, and I remember having to clean the house and how long it took when I was growing up.

If I straightened up on a daily basis, I never had to worry about giving it a serious cleaning, and I never felt self-conscious about having company over.

Another advantage of a 1 bedroom apartment is that they are far less expensive than apartments or houses with multiple bedrooms. I know that when I got my first apartment, it was about $100 less per month than a neighbor of mine who had a two-bedroom apartment.

One of the things I really liked about having a 1 bedroom apartment, as well, was that it was a lot more cozy than some of the larger units. I could keep it very comfortable and inviting, and not have to invest that much in furniture or décor. I have always prided myself in making the most out of whatever living space I had, and I certainly did that with my first apartment.condo-apartment-balcony-8285274-o

I also found that I had fewer problems in terms of maintenance with my 1 bedroom apartment than many of my neighbors had with theirs. I suppose it stands to reason that if one has more rooms and more space there are likely to be more problems, but outside of a few minor instances, I don’t ever remember having to call for maintenance the way some of the other tenants did.

As time went by, I needed a bigger home. I met my wife and started a family, and I had to move out of my 1 bedroom apartment. I have been back to visit it a few times, and it seems so small now that I sometimes wonder how I ever made it work, but it still holds a very special place in my heart. I do sometimes wonder if I had never met my wife if I would still be living there.

While a 1 bedroom apartment may seem too small or not worth the trouble, there a lot of advantages to renting one. I found that it more than suited my needs when I first moved out, and it was probably the place to which I became the most attached.

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