Acrylic Shower Stalls

Shower Stalls photoShowers stalls are slowly taking up their place among different populations and by extension so is the acrylic shower stall. While many people know about the stalls and are currently putting them to good us there are other who have no idea about the stalls and below are a number of facts about acrylic shower stalls that could help a person make the right decision. Acrylic stalls are made using lightweight plastic and in addition to this they come in various sizes and shapes. In many houses or in department stores that sell the shower stalls, the dominant colors are usually gray, natural, white and bone. This does not however mean that the owner of the house will be limited if they want to their stalls to match the décor of the rest of the house as there are different colors that they could use. The colors of the stall as well as their material also bring a great shine to the bathroom.

Another advantage of acrylic shower stalls is that they do not require much to maintain them which is great news for people who do not have much time or money to invest cleaning them regularly.  For people with children or pets, this will also be a ideal choice because they will not have a problem as far as well because the stalls do not display scratches or stain easily. Additionally, when it comes to cleaning one can always use a very soft cloth with a cleaner that does entail any harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals are known to make the appearance of the material seem dull. If the owner continues to use these harsh materials then their shower stall could become marred or scratched. If this ultimately happens, one can make use of a good polish agent obtainable from hardware stores.Shower Stalls photo

There are different costs for acrylic shower stalls but in most places their prices range between $400 and $1000. The difference in prices is usually determined by factors such as the geographical area, the manufacturer and the size of the stall. Since the process of installing the shower stalls is not so labor intensive, it means that one can have the stalls installed within hours. After installation, one will also not have to take long before they can use their new shower, in fact by the following morning it will be ready for use. Another great thing about the stalls is that as long as one has creativity and the necessary skills then it will not be difficult to turn the installation of the stalls into a do it yourself project and thereby save much money that could have gone into paying a professional.  With proper care, a well installed acrylic shower stall will be of service for a very long time.

Photo by ActiveSteve

Photo by ActiveSteve

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