Above Ground Pool

pool photoAbove ground pools are usually so beautiful and practical and as more people are beginning to discover when an above ground pool deck is added to them their usability is greatly increased. Everyone likes affordable things and this can be said for these decks and this is a good enough reason why anyone should want to have them in their home. Another reason why anyone should have these decks is that they do not require much maintenance and its installation is not difficult as well. Above ground pool decks come in different sizes and style options and prior to one choosing the one they prefer, it is important that they consider a number of factors among them the area surrounding the pool. The area should be level and flat. The grade and slope of the pool as well because they will also determine the cost and design of the pool deck. The sun’s direction is a very important consideration as well because the sun and shade are equally important as far as the pool is concerned.

Privacy is another matter that should be greatly considered when one is thinking of having an above ground pool deck and the best options in this regard are creating barriers or using the already available ones. A pool deck that does not match the overall plan of the house and surrounding will not also give a good finish in the end. Among the factors to consider in this regard are if the deck should be attached to the house, or will it be freestanding. Matters such as the practicality of the deck and aesthetics should also be considered when it comes to choosing the design of the deck. After considering the above factors one should then visualize their desired end result and make a sketching on paper. Some room should be left for future additions as well.pool photo

There are four different styles that one can use for building their desired above ground pool deck and the partial surround style is one of them. This deck only surrounds the pool partially while the rest of the pool is left as it were. The opposite of the first kind of pool is the full surround and as long as one can afford it and they have enough space they pull this one off. This deck surrounds the whole pool and the best thing is that one can add loungers, umbrellas, tables and chairs to the design as well. The integrated design is another kind and its main advantage is that it can take various forms depending on the available features or the ones that one is planning to have. In this design one should connect their pool deck to the existing patio or deck. This can help to create accessibility to the house without one having to use the yard as well.  Finally, there is the platform design which one can get to using several steps. This style does not however support many poolside activities.

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