Acne Skin Care Treatments

acne photoWith two children and numerous nieces and nephews, I have seen my share of acne skin care treatment solutions in my time, and I am always amazed how some people swear by one product while others swear by another. I am not sure what the best form of acne skin care treatment is, but I am interested in learning more about the subject.

There was a type of cream that one of my nieces used religiously. She said that she could feel it cleansing her pores and said it was the best form of acne skin care treatment she had ever encountered. She actually took out a part-time job in order to buy her acne cream, because she bought so much of it that her parents got tired of paying for the stuff. She never had a serious acne problem, so I am assuming that it worked pretty well.

One of my nephews swore by a certain gel product that was supposed to be great for acne. He rubbed it in twice a day and said it worked wonders for him. He would have the occasional pimple pop up on his nose or cheek, but he always attributed that more to stress than anything else. He said the gel was the best form of acne skin care treatment for him because it was easy to apply, it did not cost that much money and it worked. He also had a pretty clear complexion, so I took him at his word.acne photo

Another nephew of mine did not use any form of acne skin care treatment, opting instead for keeping his complexion clear the old fashioned way with soap and water. He also made it a point to shave every single day. I distinctly remember teasing him one time about how all he had was peach fuzz, and why was he shaving daily. He told me about some article that he read that suggested that men usually have good complexions because they are placing a soapy foam or gel on their face daily, and then scraping it away, removing hair, dirt, dead skin and all those other things that can contribute to acne. He said buying those other things was a waste of time when shaving cream and a razor would do the same thing. I don’t know how my nieces would feel about that, though!

I am not sure which acne skin care treatment works the best, and quite frankly, I think it is still up for debate. I think it probably boils down to which one works best for you and going with it.

Photo by PracticalCures

Photo by PracticalCures

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