Minnie Mouse Costume for Adults

minnie mouse photoWhen growing up, most people were exposed to the various interesting and sweet Disneyland characters and the characters are carried well into adulthood. The Minnie mouse costume is one of the characters that are carried into adulthood and the best thing about this character is that it is well loved by other people and it is also recognizable. So what better way to break the monotony that is brought about by all the other creepy characters that abound on Halloween than by wearing a nice adult Minnie mouse costume? Apart from helping a person to escape the creepy look, the Minnie mouse costume can make a person look sexy and classy as well.

Another reason why this costume is the best to buy for Halloween is that one can wear it and when wears it alongside other characters such as Goofy, Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan they will make their very own Disneyland. This can be so much fun when this is done with other family members. For those in relationships and want to dress the same then this costume could really work as the boyfriend could come as Mickey Mouse.

Basically, the costume comes in white and red polka dots and also come in different sizes and styles. To complete the adult Minnie mouse costume look, one also has to wear some accessories and among the accessories are white and red polka flats, the large mouse ears, white stockings and a pair of laced boots or heels. Makeup will also play a big role in ensuring that one has the Minnie mouse look they are looking for. Minnie Mouse is known for her rosy cheeks and for one to get this look they should try and work with the best blush available and if one does not know how to work with the blush they can always ask another person to help them apply it.minnie mouse photo

There is usually a mad rush for costumes when it is almost Halloween and this can be quite stressful for people who have been very busy and they really wanted to put on an adult Minnie Mouse costume. If this is the chosen costume then it is advisable for one to start early to avoid the rush and choose the costume that really fits them. If one does not have much time they can try online costume shops for the best Minnie Mouse costume and have the store deliver the costume to the house. Another very good option is to ask a designer to make it and this can be a very good option for very tiny people or for the people who have so far found the costumes in stores not ideal. With these options it should not be so difficult finding the best costume to wear for Halloween.

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Photo by Castles, Capes & Clones

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