Memorable Christmas Stories

christmas photoOur family has so many great holiday traditions. We gather each year on Christmas Eve and have a party, we read the story in the Bible of Jesus’ birth, and we all get together the day after my brother’s birthday on December 11 to decorate the tree and house. But of all of the traditions we have, reading “A Christmas Carol,” is one that always makes me realize that Christmas is here!

Next to “A Tale of Two Cities” and “Great Expectations,” “A Christmas Carol” is probably the most famous book Charles Dickens ever wrote. It is the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge learning the true meaning of Christmas, and it is a Christmas classic. It was one of the first stories I ever remember hearing about the holiday and I used to love the watch the movie when I was a little kid.

Then we got into the habit of reading “A Christmas Carol” each Christmas and that was when the book started to become really special for us. Our family has always been very literary, and I think that my parents loved the idea of introducing an absolute literary classic to us while at the same time entertaining us with a great Christmas story. It was always great fun as my father would sit at the head of our dining room table and read the story to photo

I think one of the things that I personally have enjoyed about the book “A Christmas Carol” is the fact that it is something I have passed down to my own children, and they, too, love it. Every year, in fact, we do all of the decorating and party planning and so forth for the holidays, but both of my children ask when we are going to read “A Christmas Carol” and look forward to the night we do with great anticipation.

I have watched them as I read the story and how they react to different parts and love to see how it is similar to the way that I reacted when I was their age. My wife also loves to sit and watch them as they really get into it. As a matter of fact, if one of the two of us, even in jest, says “Bah, humbug,” they always get really upset. It’s so cute!

“A Christmas Carol” is a holiday must in our household. We have been reading it for years, and will continue to read it for many more. Hopefully, one day our children will read it to their children and keep the tradition, because for us, it is one of the things that makes this time of year so special!

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