General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) Causes & Treatments

Everyone suffers with anxiety now and then, this is normally attributed to something happening in their lifetime like a test or a job interview, but those with an anxiety disorder is someone who has let anxiety take a hold of their life so much so that they often suffer with anxiety over the most simple activity.

/home/hubraxan/public html/wp content/uploads/2015/10/7911072370 7d89fef57e mWhen someone suffers with the general anxiety disorder (known as GAD) they will normally suffer with many different symptoms. The symptoms are headaches, sweating, nerves, problems concentrating, trembling, tiredness and other sleeping problems.

Common causes

The two most common factors of anxiety are mental in nature; these factors are a Panic disorder or stress. To better understand anxiety we need to understand the causes of these two factors.

Panic disorder

Panic attacks can occur at any point and for the smallest reasons, these panic attacks cause shortness of breath, heart palpitations and dizziness, which can cause anxiety because the sufferer may not be able to control what is happening to them.

Stress disorder

Stress is caused by external factors that affect the way an individual lives; normally a disorder is caused due to excessive amounts of stress on the individual like financial problems or relationship failures.


Because of the symptoms involved with anxiety it is very easy for a doctor to diagnose general anxiety disorder but, when should you seek medical advice?

When the symptoms become so severe that you become worried and find it hard to control your anxiety then it is important that you visit a medical professional.

If the symptoms impact on your day to day life, making it difficult to function in social settings, both in your personal life and work life.

Finally, if your physical symptoms like dizziness and palpitations become too difficult to handle or you have chest pains then it is imperative that you seek medical help.

/home/hubraxan/public html/wp content/uploads/2015/10/3180760192 f054514aca mTreatment

Treatment varies from patient to patient; some just require the use of calming techniques such as meditation or deep breathing exercises, anything that can relieve the tension in a person’s body.

In more extreme cases, the person suffering with anxiety may need medical treatment. When medical treatment is the only option it can move in two ways, the first being psychological where the sufferer may need counseling to talk through living with anxiety and manage their problems causing it. The second problem can be a physical issue caused by thyroid gland problems, in this case surgery; medication or both may be the answer.


Anxiety is not a condition that doesn’t impact on a sufferer’s life; in some cases it can control the person suffering with it. It is important that a person with anxiety finds a way to manage their condition and try to lead a normal life.

If the symptoms of anxiety can be managed effectively, it can spell the decline of the awful attacks people endure, and in some cases mean the end of the condition that has ravaged their life for a long time causing their life to have been put on hold.


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