Hybrid Semi Trucks

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe cost of fuel continues to rise, and that makes it difficult for just about everyone. If you are a trucking company or an owner operator though, you feel that hit at the pumps more than anyone due to the amount of fuel that semi trucks need to operate.

There is also the fact that they contribute significantly to pollution in the environment. The idea of hybrid semi trucks has been in the works for quite some time to offset high fuel prices for truck drivers and to reduce their effects on the environment.

The idea of hybrid vehicles has been in place for quite sometime, and there have been numerous test projects going on in recent years for hybrid semi trucks. Some of these tests have been done with providing vehicles for the United States military. The results of these projects are very good, and the plan is to roll out hybrid semi trucks in 2009.

Peterbilt is considered to be a quality brand of semi truck, and they will be the first to introduce the hybrid semi truck models. They will be available for viewing at the 2008 truck shows taking place in various locations.

Some trucking companies and owner operators have already placed their orders for hybrid semi trucks and they are expected to do well in sales. Negotiations are currently in the works between Peterbilt and Wal-mart regarding the hybrid semi trucks. This will be a tremendous contract for Peterbilt because Wal-Mart operates the second largest fleet of trucks in the United States.

Kenworth is another very reputable brand of semi truck, and they are working on hybrid semi truck models of their own. While they already presented some models at truck shows in 2007, it is believed their production will be on a smaller scale. It is also believed their hybrid models won’t come out until after those from Peterbilt are released. Kenworth is looking for a big trucking company to initiate contracts with though at this time.

It is estimated an over the road hybrid semi truck can save the driver or the company at least $10,000 annually. This is quite a significant amount of additional profit for any owner operator to take notice of. For those trucking companies with thousands of trucks, this savings can quickly computer to hundreds of thousands of dollars being saved annually on fuel.baltimore-harbour-trucks-373166-o

Some people remain skeptical about the use of hybrid semi trucks, but for the most part the trucking industry is excited about their introduction. This particular type of semi truck will significantly impact the trucking industry as we know it today. While these hybrid semi trucks will be expensive, the amount of money that can be saved on fuel costs makes it a great investment. There will likely be plenty of incentives offered by the government when you buy a hybrid semi truck as well.

With so many semi trucks on the road, the positive impact that hybrid semi trucks will have on the environment are very encouraging as well. If you are interested in learning more about the future of hybrid semi trucks, you can visit the Peterbilt or the Kenworth websites. You can also find out when they will be displaying their hybrid models at future truck shows. This is a great way for you to get to see one of the hybrid semi trucks up close and personal.

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