Grieving Respect

grief photoShowing your respect to a grieving family may include sending cards, gifts, or even a sympathy gift basket. Sympathy gift baskets can show the family members how much you care and there are many ways to be creative with the gift and choose special items that can help them heal from their emotional pain.

Some of our close family friends recently lost a parent in an accident. It was difficult to reach them while they traveled to the funeral, so we decided to send them a sympathy gift basket. The condolence gift basket was presented to them at the hotel they were staying in, and imagine their surprise when they learned that we had sent something across the country especially for them! It was an extra special gift since we were able to add a handwritten note and pick out the gifts ourselves.

A sympathy gift basket can be made of flowers, balloons, snacks, treats, and note cards. We chose to include gourmet nuts and sweet treats, as well as a few small books and heartfelt note cards for a special touch. A sympathy gift basket can also be made up of flowers; showing sympathy with white or yellow flowers is perfect for pulling together a memorable gift and works well in a bereavement gift basket.

Periods of grieving and emotions can be overwhelming for most people, and we were able to express our best wishes with a condolence gift basket. A bereavement gift basket can helped to cheer them up, and made them feel a little more light-hearted and relaxed. It may have helped to ease the pain of the situation. For children experiencing loss, a sympathy gift basket can be especially valuable; during the turbulent emotional times, children can benefit from soft plush toys, small games, and even their favorite snack foods. The couple that received our condolence gift basket were very thankful to have some treats for the children in the family as well. Putting together a few valuable tokens of appreciation and thoughtful gifts helped them improve their mood and get through the funeral in a more positive state of mind.

When searching for the gifts, we found that a bereavement gift basket or condolence gift basket can also include a combination of candles, fresh fruit, relaxation gifts, or even gourmet snacks. We considered putting together some of our own home-baked goods for a sympathy gift basket, and baked some of the family’s favorite treats and snacks to add to the package. Tea and coffee are another valuable addition to a condolence gift basket. These can be purchased from a gourmet food store or boutique, or even online.grief photo

A bereavement gift basket does not have to be very elaborate to send a positive message. You might consider adding small gifts such as a notebook or journal so the recipient can write their thoughts down during their grieving period. Another addition to the condolence gift basket may be some relaxation music or CDs; many families who are grieving lose track of time during the stressful and emotional time, and simply playing soothing music can help everyone manage their emotions better.

Adding a handwritten note to your condolence gift basket or bereavement gift basket is the finishing touch for your gift. The family that received our sympathy gift basket were very touched by the gesture, and just showed some respect for the grieving family after their loss.  A gift basket can help bring forward some happiness during troubling times, and gave us a creative way to express our best wishes.


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