this quiet profile of Mexico’s working class is close to perfect

Dir: Lila Avilés, 15 cert, 102 min

Cast: Gabriela Cartol, Teresa Sánchez, Agustina Quinci

High up in a plush Mexico City hotel room, the blinds ascend, as 24-year-old Eve (Gabriela Cartol) creeps in to clean with an air of trepidation. The room is chaos – the rumpled bedding could even hide a person. But she guesses not, and gets to work with a resentful speed, filling bags with rubbish and quarantining bags within bags.

The scene is simple yet riveting, which has a lot to do with shot placement, the rigorous way screen space is used, and Cartol’s instantly sharp performance as an efficient, impatient monitor of her own time. Lila Avilés, making a remarkable feature debut, brings us a study of…

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