this big-screen adaptation is neither horrible nor historic

Dir: Dominic Brigstocke. Cast: Emilia Jones, Sebastian Croft, Nick Frost, Rupert Graves, Kim Cattrall, Kate Nash, Alex Macqueen, Derek Jacobi, Craig Roberts. PG cert, 92 min

After a decade on TV, the Horrible Histories series seeks the Python-style Holy Grail of a big-screen spinoff, with intermittently entertaining if also cloddish results. Lifting its plot from the “Rotten Romans” instalment of Terry Deary’s original books, Horrible Histories: The Movie goes all out with the gag quotient – there are meant to be some 450 in the script alone – and only needs to score a modest hit-rate to keep itself ticking over.

It has an appealingly basic quality, essentially panning out as an overgrown afterschool…

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