rollicking adventure and creative missteps in Guy Ritchie’s Disney remake

Dir: Guy Ritchie. Cast: Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, Will Smith, Alan Tudyk (voice), Billy Magnussen, Nasim Pedrad. PG cert, 127 min.

If you thought that Guy Ritchie would bring no small amount of grit to the fairy-tale world of Disney, you’d be mistaken. His Aladdin, the latest in a series of remakes (we’ve just had Dumbo and Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King follows in the summer), is a big-hearted fantasy musical with a gorgeous colour palette and a strict moral code which tries very hard – but doesn’t quite succeed – in improving on the studio’s 1992 original.

That film, which helped reverse Disney’s ailing fortunes, brought a slick new sensibility to animated films and is remembered…

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